COLLEGE MAGAZINE               2014

 PAPER PUBLICATIONS                             

Author Title Journal/ Conference/ Seminar
Chempak Kumar A et al Counting of RBCs using circular Hough transform with median filtering
 The Third National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering (NET 2015)
Chempak Kumar A et al Harvesting 2d processing in signal processing applications International journal for research & development in  technology volume-4,issue-2, aug - 2015


Sajini R. et al The Importance of Behavioral Factors for the Effective Use of Performance Management: System in the Context of Hindustan Latex Limited   NCTT- 2006  
Sreenesh Valiyandi et al
Dynamic Simulation and Thermodynamic Analysis of Single Effect Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System Using Lithium Bromide - Water as Working Fluid  Intl. Conference on Environment and Energy at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad on December 15 - 17
 Chempak Kumar A et al Emotion Recognition based on Hybrid model of Fuzzy Logic and Aritifical Neural Network  Int.J.Computer Technology & Applications,Vol 5 (6),2071-2077
 Chempak Kumar A et al Automated Brain Tumor Detection And Quantification  National Conference on Advances in Computational Intelligence and Communication Technologies NCACICT – 2013
Shylesh Kumar M.K et. al Automotive mhd by ionizing the exhaust gas: an inspiring conception  IJARET
Shylesh Kumar M.K et. al Analysis on turbo air-conditioner: an innovative concept  International Journal of Mechanical And Production Engineering, Volume- 2, Issue- 3, March-2014



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