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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is list of short answers to some of the frequent queries received by us. The answers below will help you get started with your interaction with Cetral Library. If you do not find what you are looking for, kindly visit Library.

1. As a student, how many books am I entitled to issue and for what period of time?

UG students may borrow up to 2 books from the Text Book for a period of up to 15 days.

PG students may borrow up to 5 books from the Text Book for a period of up to 15 days.

2. How can I access the library catalogue from my room?

Click on "Central Library" from the 'College Website (' and select the appropriate catalogue you are looking for.

3. What are the various electronic resources available in the library?

There are a number of E-Services available. Please check up at "Central Library"

4. Can I carry my personal books/bag into the library?

You are not permitted to bring personal books/bag inside the Library.

5. Can I issue books from the Reference section?

No. Students are not allowed to issue books from Reference section. These have to be used within the respective section, and explicit permission is required to take these out of the section.

6. Can Isee my "checked out" items in Webopac?

Yes. you can login to Webopac by clicking the "Checkouts" link from the left side menu with username and password. You can also change your password .